"What to Wear Jersey Hijab With"

Hello ladies,

In the series of blog posts I will be sharing some tips and tricks of how to style your hijab outfit using our collection of scarves. Because I understand how difficult it could be to match the color of your scarf to the rest of the outfit, I hope these ideas will benefit you just like they benefited me (maybe at least you'll spend less time thinking about what you're going to wear and stop complaining that you have nothing to wear lol). In this specific post we are featuring our plain jersey scarves collection paired with some outfits perfect for this unpredictable Spring weather. Let's begin!

Outfit Idea #1

This classy European style is perfect for casual wear or work. It is especially perfect for those rainy days in Spring. 

. Outfit Idea #1  

Outfit Idea #2

This sophisticated look can serve you well during a date night with your husby.

Outfit Idea #2  

Outfit Idea#3

My favorite everyday look! Perfect for work, school, or lunch. No matter where you are and what you are doing, it feels nice to look stylish, isn't it?!  

Outfit Idea #4

This is my personal favorite outfit! So feminine, gentle, and stylish. Perfect for the sunny and windy Spring days.


 outfit idea #4  

Outfit Idea #5

Love tomboy style? If so, just grab some boyfriend style jeans, boots and leather vest and you are ready to rock that city!


   outfit #5  

Outfit Idea #6

Aha! Red plum jersey again! Can't you tell that I'm obsessed with a color?! I promise, it's the last look with this color scarf lol. Because this color tends to be hard to match with the rest of the outfit, I used it a lot in this post so you could have an idea of what to pair it with:)




Outfit Idea #7

Chic outfit with a tint of Rock style?! Sounds like a good idea to me!

Outfit Idea #8

How about some dusty pink and plum red color combination?! Casual and very stylish. 



P.S.  For a more modest look, all shirts can be a little bit more elongated and pants can be a little bit more loose. 




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    I’m glad you loved it:)!

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    I love outfits 1, 7 and 8 – great style!

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